Blog Tour Begins!

I was so excited to kick off my debut year with three guest blog posts this January! On January 8, I enjoyed talking about recipes for success with my fellow KIDLIT CARAVAN-ers Paula Cohen and Harshita Jerath on Vivian Kirkfield’s blog Will Write for Cookies. That same day, Kaitlynn Leann Sanchez interviewed my editor, Cheryl Eissing, and me on her blog Math is Everywhere. And on January 19th, I shared the inspiration behind COUNTING TO BANANAS and writing in weird places on Tara Lazar’s Storystorm. Thanks to these great bloggers for all they do in the Kidlit industry!Collage of Storystorm blog post

New Book Deal!

I’m so excited to finally share that Banana from my debut picture book COUNTING TO BANANAS is getting a sibling book: B IS FOR BANANAS, coming in Spring 2023! I’m delighted to continue working with the great team at Flamingo Books, my editor Cheryl Eissing, illustrator Estrela Lourenço, and my agent Tracy Marchini!Publishers Marketplace book announcement with sketches of Banana.

Shout Out to Kidlit Caravan!

Earlier this year, I joined a group of fellow debut picture book creatives. We are Kidlit Caravan, a group of authors and illustrators who are supporting each other in navigating the waters of having our debut books come out in 2022. I’m so happy to be on this journey with them, and wanted to give a shout out to my new creative buds:

Margaret Aitken, Donna Cangelosi, Melissa Coffey, Paula Cohen, Angela H. Dale, Rebecca Gardyn Levington, Lisa Gerin, Harshita Jerath, Tim Kleyn, Robyn McGrath, Suma Subramaniam, Kimberly Wilson, and Debbie Zapata

Thanks to all these wonderful creators! I invite you to check out their websites and upcoming debut picture books!Gnu reading a book with the words "Kidlit Caravan New in '22"


Many thanks to Kidlit411 for hosting the cover reveal of COUNTING TO BANANAS: A MOSTLY RHYMING FRUIT BOOK and a picture book/dummy critique GIVEAWAY on their blog today!

Estrela Lourenço and I are excited to share the book with readers, available for pre-order now, out April 12, 2022!

Sound on for trailer! 🌟🍌🌟🍌🌟


The news of the day is that I have a new website. Many thanks to Websy Daisy for their design services and Estrela Lourenço for the fabulous banana art. Bananart? Either way, I’m glad you’re here! Stay tuned for more book-related news.