Counting to Bananas in Parents magazine

Look whose book is in the April 2022 print issue of Parents magazine!
The full review from Parents:
“An endearing yet opinionated banana makes learning numbers hilarious. The story starts as kids might expect: one plum, two figs, three oranges. But when four pigs show up, the banana interjects that pigs aren’t a fruit. The counting by ones continues up to 20 with occasional punny commentary (“I’m starting to feel bruised,” the overlooked banana chimes in, after plantains are picked for number ten.) When the narrator skip counts from 20 to 100, things get even wilder. Mo Willems fans will give this book one, two, three, four, five stars! Ages 4 to 8.”
I found this copy at the library last night, but if anyone local sees a copy at a store, let me know where – I’m on the hunt for a print copy!
COUNTING TO BANANAS: A MOSTLY RHYMING FRUIT BOOK, illustrated by Estrela Lourenço, published by Flamingo Books, releases April 12, 2022 and is available for signed pre-orders from Powell’s and Annie Bloom’s Books.Author Carrie Tillotson with Parents magazine. The Book Nook page of April 2022 issue of Parents magazine. Review of Counting to Bananas in Parents magazine.