It’s a Book Birthday!

🍌B IS FOR BANANAS is out today!

I feel so lucky to have gotten to make this book with our amazing Team Banana. Thanks to Estrela Lourenço for her amazing illustrations and friendship! Thanks to Cheryl Eissing for her wonderful editorial eye, and for reigning me in when I try to put leeches into too many books. Thanks to the whole Flamingo Books team and Penguin Young Readers for ushering this book into being. Thanks to my agent Tracy Marchini for her help along the way. And huge thanks to my critique partners, without whom this book would still be a pile of first draft garbage. Books truly are a team effort, and this book wouldn’t be here without these people and many more.

This book takes a lot of inspiration from real life in raising my son. I am a proponent of playful parenting thanks to influences like Aha Parenting, and Lawrence J. Cohen ( This book incorporates some of the silliness my son and I have gone through with our own bedtime routine. I hope this book is both fun and silly for kids to read with their grown-ups, and also an inspiration for parents to play with their kids!

Author Carrie Tillotson holding her book B IS FOR BANANAS.